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Students Discount

Do you qualify for Oceans5 student pricing? Oceans5 Dive Center offers “Special Student Pricing” on dive trips Vietnam or dive courses including Divemaster Internships. As students we understand your on a budget while traveling but looking for safe company to dive with. Book a course today and all you have to do is show your student ID card when you arrive and you’ll save 10% on scuba diving in Vietnam with Oceans 5 Dive Centre… Or sign up to our Internships and spend three months learning to become a Divemaster which you can gain College Credits for.

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Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with Oceans5 Dive Centre and see what going on in the dive scene in Vietnam. Here you can find updates daily of up and coming events, and some great special offers only found on our Facebook page. Hit the like button to get the latest about Oceans5 Dive Center and receive 10% off any Course or Dive Trip.

Couples Discount

Are you a couple looking to do something together? Explore coral reefs and share a passion for the underwater world. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach while on holiday and saying “lets going diving”. Remember once you take your Open Water Course your certification is for life. Save 10% on any course or dive trip if you book as a couple. Oceans5 is gay friendly, we also don’t mind how long you’ve been together, if you tell us your a couple then you are eligable for 10% off any dive trips or courses with us!

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Dive Pro Discount

Are you a qualified Divemaster or Instructor looking to save on your next dive trip? We know what its like to cart your dive gear to different countries and having to pay for the excess baggage (diving with Oceans5 you don’t have to we have the best rental equipment (Hollis) in Asia) only to arrive at that new dive location and find that there is no discount for bringing your gear half way around the world! We appreciate good dive professionals, so if you have your own gear we will give you a massive 15% off any Dive Trip! Oceans5 will provide the weights and tanks we will even supply a dive computer for your use if you don’t already own one.

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3 Specialities

Unlike other dive centres who push divers to do the Padi Advanced Open Water, at Oceans5 we don’t, why? Well with the Advanced course you merely glance at 5 different specialities, then go onto do the full speciality you then have to pay more as it another course. At Oceans5 we don’t waste your time and money doing this course.

Think about it with Nitrox, Deep and Computer speciality you be sitting on the dive boat while advance divers are only diving to 30 metres, you will be going to the recreational dive limit of 40m with 2 tanks on your back! Not only this but you will have significantly longer bottom times with your Nitrox speciality. Also you will be the safest diver on the boat with an in depth knowledge of Dive Computers. This package includes 3 specialities and is run over 3 days.

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Nitrox Speciality 4-6 hours


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Deep Speciality 2 Days 4 Dives


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Buoyancy Speciality 1 Day 2 Dives


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SSI photographer specialty course


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Stress & Rescue Speciality 3 Day 6 Dives


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