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Perfect Buoyancy Course

Oceans5 Nha Trang Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Center SSI Dive Courses Learn to Dive Nha Trang Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course
Nha Trang SSI Scuba Diving Center

Perfect Buoyancy Scuba Course

Learn to glide through the ocean effortlessly, extend your dive time, reduce your air consumption and more with the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty. No matter what your diving interest, having perfect buoyancy is the key to success. With this essential program, you’ll learn all you need to master your buoyancy and earn the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification.

Facts and training standards:
The SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty is the best way to improve your buoyancy and get the most from every dive. Buoyancy is an essential dive skill, but any diver will tell you it takes time to perfect. The Perfect Buoyancy specialty will teach you advanced buoyancy skills and techniques so you can master your buoyancy more quickly and enjoy more relaxed dive adventures. With improved body position in the water and better buoyancy control, you’ll reduce your air consumption and increase your bottom times. In this fascinating program, you will also learn new skills that protect the environment and work in every diving situation. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification. With better buoyancy skills, you’ll soon be able to hover with ease, take the underwater photographs you dream of and explore the ocean effortlessly.

Minimum age: 10
Requirements: Open Water Diver
Theory lessons: 4
Pool / confined water sessions: 2
Suggested duration: 5 - 10 h

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As you will understand, at Oceans5 Nha Trang Dive Center safety is our number one priority. If you have any medical concerns we highly recommend bringing them up with your doctor before coming over!

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