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OCEANS5 Nha Trang Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Center Vietnam

SSI Pro Level Training

Nha Trang SSI Scuba Diving Center

SSI Pro Level Training

Teach, change lives, live the dream!

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water: Have you ever thought about turning this exciting underwater world into your office?

Becoming a Dive Pro is definitely a lifestyle choice and one that is well within your reach.
You want experienced and professional teachers at a reputable dive center in a great location? At Oceans5 we have you covered. Nha Trang, Vietnam, is one of the most picturesque places to be.

Oceans5 Nha Trang SSI Scuba Dive Center - SSI Pro Level Traing Nha Trang Vietnam

Imagine leading divers through the underwater world you love, assisting instructors, or going all the way and becoming a diving trainer yourself. Begin a new, exciting career as a scuba instructor. Start today by taking the Dive Guide and Science of Diving courses to become a Divemaster. Next, become an Assistant Instructor, or immediately combine your training by joining an Assistant Instructor and Instructor Training Course (ITC) to qualify as an Open Water Instructor. Becoming a scuba instructor does not stop here! This is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway. Broaden your horizons by teaching various exciting dive specialties by becoming an SSI Specialty Instructor. SSI offers endless teaching opportunities all the way up to the ultimate dive professional rating, Instructor Trainer. Whether you dream of training future scuba instructors or just leading scuba divers on a tropical island, being a scuba instructor is a dream come true.

Stop in at our Oceans5 Nha Trang Dive Center to learn more about SSI Professional Level Training  options and available packages.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Scuba Schools International (SSI) was founded in 1970 by avid traders who wanted to make it possible for everyone to learn to dive.

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Today we are a name that is trusted in the diving industry because we are a founding member of the RSTC and ISO certified worldwide.

We represent more than 3,300 training centers in over 130 countries, with over 50,000 affiliated SSI professionals, and the number is increasing every day. We take care of your diving experience and your career.

We treat you as a partner and help you to become a safe and confident professional so that you can really enjoy your passion - teaching diving and exploring the underwater world.

By working closely with our global training center network, we ensure that you have career opportunities all over the world and receive the best possible training.


  • 24/7 ACCESS – MySSI is a personalized dashboard and everything you need, all at one glance. SSI Professionals have access to and download options for all Training Materials, in all languages, plus all future updates included automatically. Paying extra for updated materials is no longer necessary, saving you time and money. 
  • PRODUCTS – SSI offers more than 60 programs in 40 plus languages: Scuba Diving, Extended Range including Rebreather and Overhead Environment, Freediving, Mermaid, Swim and Lifeguard. A broad range of training programs to further your career and increase income. 
  • TECHNOLOGY – SSI’s digital training system sets a whole new standard in online learning.  SSI Digital Kits include Digital Training Materials with HD Videos, Digital Logbook and Digital Certification, all in real time. With the MySSI App, study on any device is possible in either iOS or Android and creates that “All-In-One Solution.” No need to carry paper, all materials and certifications are just a click away.
  • RENEWAL – Registration includes the first year’s Renewal. SSI Professionals also only pay for their highest rating and all other ratings are included free in SSI Professional Membership. An all inclusive Renewal at fair price makes a difference. 
  • CASH BACK – SSI Professionals earn PRO REWARDS for each certification issued. This is real money that can be redeemed during Renewal. For the first year, new Professionals earn 5 times the normal Pro Rewards for each certification, which means any money invested is easily compensated by simply pushing SSI certifications. A unique Cash Back System rewarding you for performance and loyalty. 

QUALITY – SSI is the World’s Largest BUSINESS Based Training Agency servicing with more than 3,500 Training Centers and over 50,000 Professionals. SSI also holds the coveted ISO Certification, globally. With 30 plus Service Centers around the world, SSI is always accessible and passionate about being your partner!