At Oceans5 we would like to help you get the most out of your diving day. We only take 12 passengers per day and keep our groups small  to give you a better diving experience. No buddy? No worries, if your travelling alone or with non divers we will find a buddy for you. Each group will also have their own dive leader to pass on our local knowledge. All of our dive trips include water, tea and coffee, breakfast and lunch, each divers will be given a dive computer to use on all dives. Check our dive schedule page for more  info.

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If your not already a diver you can get started right now by visiting our online learning.



Mun Island:

Mun Island (Hon Mun) is home to an abundant and diverse group of marine species including over 350 different types of Hard- and Soft Corals, hundreds of species of Reef Fish and a massive range of Macro-Life. Our dive sites are chosen depending on the daily conditions, and we will choose the best dive sites for the day.

Lighthouse/Electric Nose:

Lighthouse/Electric nose is just an additional 25 minutes from Hon Mun. With a straight pinnacle and depths upto 40metres this dive site is a favourite among experienced divers. With swim through caves at around 30m, a great dive site with visibility upto 40metres. It is possible to do a dive at lighthouse then head to the marine park for dives 2 and 3.


Mun Island (2/3 dives) Starting at 7:30am we meet at Oceans5 Dive Center then grab our dive gear for the short trip to the marina and our boat. Once aboard it’s time to set up the gear and relax over refreshments and some breakfast. Then the fun stuff starts, dive sites will be chosen depending on daily conditions, breifings will be conducted and diving will begin. The day includes 2 or 3 dives (Nitrox optional), refreshments and service with a smile. On the way home lunch will be served and you can relax and enjoy the ride back to Nha Trang. We will arrive back at the shop between 1:30pm and 2:30pm to fill out log books and book your next dive trip!  Only $75.00 Book Now


Of all the in advances in recreational scuba diving, perhaps none generates more excitement than the use of Enriched Air Nitrox or just Nitrox for short. Yes Nitrox sounds like a Voodoo gas, but it’s quite the contrary. The major benefit to diving with Nitrox is less of the gas that limits our depth and time – nitrogen. Nitrox has a higher concentration of oxygen and a lower concentration of nitrogen. This alone adds additional diver safety by using this gas and staying within recreational diving limits.

Not a Nitox diver? Not a problem we can get you certified in as little as half a day. So if you do a class Monday afternoon you can be ready to dive with Nitrox Tuesday morning.


Oceans5 Dive Center believes in having the best dive gear for you, the diver. You won’t find any cheap school sets here! We know as a certified diver you like to use your own gear, because we do! But flying with dive gear can become hugely expensive. That’s why Oceans5 only uses professional dive gear by Hollis so you can be guaranteed the best equipment when diving with us. Don’t forget all our divers are also given dive computers to use on every dive! Don’t worry if you haven’t used a dive computer before we’ll give you a briefing before hand (click here to download manual). If you do decide to bring your own dive gear check out our promotions page for the Dive Pro discount and save big.


Oceans5 dive boat is designed with one thing in mind: Scuba Diving! Our dive boat can hold up to 30 people but we won’t take any more than 12 divers at a time.

At Oceans5 we keep our groups small, personal and safe, the way dive trips should be.

  • An experienced captain and friendly staff
  • On board Life Jackets
  • Oxygen/first aid and fully trained responders
  • Marine breifings done before and after diving
  • Clean western toilet and shower Book Now


All customers of Oceans 5 dive center are welcome to use our media room to edit videos or photos and upload them to their Facebook or Youtube accounts or even burn them to disk (our way of saying thank you for diving with us).
If you don’t have an underwater camera or video camera you are welcome to hire our underwater videographer for the day who will spend all day with you capturing every dive moment and edit the finished film for only $35 per day. Book Now




Nitrox Speciality 4-6 hours


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Deep Speciality 2 Days 4 Dives


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Buoyancy Speciality 1 Day 2 Dives


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SSI photographer specialty course


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Stress & Rescue Speciality 3 Day 6 Dives


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