“ To offer our divers the best service using the best dive equipment and the best facilities while maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards. ”

Our policy is to follow all local laws and adhere to, or exceed, all diving and Scuba Schools International (SSI) standards.

We don’t just want to teach you how to dive, we want you to be the best diver that you can possibly be.

We like to be in the water just as much as you, so our dive times are 1hour or when you reach 50bar


Welcome to Oceans5 Dive

Oceans5 is the newest Instructor Training Center in Nha Trang, Vietnam. We’re not the biggest Dive Center in Vietnam for a good reason, our goal is to offer a higher standard of diving to smaller groups. Complete with state of the art classroom including online learning, multimedia room, the latest dive gear from Hollis, dive computers for all of our customers and multilingual instructors.

Oceans5 is less than 1 minute from the beach and only 45 minutes by Oceans5 dive boat to Hon Mun Marine Park. Check out our facebook page or drop by the shop and meet the team.

Why not become an SSI Dive Professional!



The Oceans5 Team are here to look after you from the smallest details of your first free pool session and Open Water Course to easy to understand Marine Biology lessons and the bigger picture of helping you take your diving to the next level. When you decide to take that next step our experienced instructors are ready to guide you through the maze of Specialty courses, through Rescue and First Aid courses, towards the diving professional levels of Dive Master and Dive Control Specialist courses and even all the way through to your SSI Instructor course.

Miss Mai – Receptionist

Oceans5 Scuba Dive Center Nha-Trang-Vietnam Team Divemasters and Instructors Receptionist Mai

Our receptionist Mai is a pretty Vietnamese girl who speaks fluent Mandarin, she could settle anything on the boat and help you as best as she could. If you want to know how Vietnamese girls are like, come on boat to join us!


Jack – PADI Divemaster

Our PADI Divemaster JACK is a very good dancer as well. He is popular for his sense of humor and tenderness. If we have a prize for underwater prom king, Jack is for sure taking the crown!


PADI Divemaster – Mr. Dee

Our Divemaster Dee is an absolutely cool guy who can protect you underwater like a solid body guard. So just come with us to explore the ocean with Dee!


Mr. Ray – SSI Instructor Nha Trang

Oceans5 Scuba Dive Center Nha Trang Vietnam Team Divemasters and Instructors SSI Instructor Ray

Our SSI Instructor Ray has been diving more than 14 years here in Nha Trang. He is a responsible, passionate and humorous person. He can always reassure your safety whether you are taking a course and exploring your first dive with him.

这是我们的SSI越南教练 Ray,潜水经验超过14年,有责任感、热情又风趣幽默,教学或者带体验都能给客人满满的安全感(主要是来自大肚子),科科。

SSI Instructor Kim

Our SSI Instructor Kim is a bright and committed person who takes good care of the customers by checking carefully all equipment and explaining delicately things to be aware during the dives in details.


Divemaster Tim

Our Divemaster Tim speaks a little bit of Chinese, but when you need someone to listen to he definitely won’t ignore your feelings and will try his best to ease your worries and anxiety underwater. For those who need a therapeutic diving trip, you can’t miss Tim!


Divemaster Katrina aka “Pink Panther”


Our PADI Hongkongese Divemaster Katrina, also known as the Pink Panther underwater, is in charge of all the briefings on the boat and answers all diving-related questions. She speaks Taiwanese mandarin with a Hong Kong sense of humor. But anyways, you don’t have to talk underwater, let’s go and just dive!


No, for a good reason. At Oceans5 we believe in quality over quantity and offering a higher level of customer service to smaller groups of divers. The most passengers we will take on any dive trip is 12. We believe it’s the little things that make the difference. Therefore we use all the latest Hollis brand equipment and we give every diver a dive computer to use on all dives with us.

Yes. In fact you could finish a course in just 4 dives as this complies with the minimum SSI and PADI standards. However at Oceans5 we like to raise the bar and will always try to surpass these standards. By doing your SSI Open Water Course over 6 dives instead of 4 you will have the opportunity of doing more dives and you will become a better diver. This gives you a real opportunity to become even more confident and comfortable in the water, thereby gaining the maximum enjoyment from your diving now, and in the future.

Yes. The minimum age to start diving is 10 years old, at the other end there is no maximum. Our Instructors have taken people in their 80’s and 90’s scuba diving! It is never to early or to late to start diving. We have seen retired people take up diving and go all the way to Instructor levels. This may give you the hint that diving is not as hard as some would have you believe. We do, however, require you to fill out a medical questionnaire before entering the water, just to make sure it is safe for you to come along. As you will understand at Oceans5 safety is our number one priority. If you have any medical concerns we highly recommend bringing them up with your doctor before coming over!

Yes. In fact we have many different categories of discounts available, to see if any apply to you, please visit our discounts page. We also understand couples come in many different shapes and forms, meaning yes, Oceans5 is a gay friendly dive shop. So if you tell us you’re together, whether it has been for 6 years or you met last night in the bar, you can apply for our couples discount.

  1. Can I try on your dive gear? (Alot of dive shops won’t even let you see it let alone try it on, usually because it is poor quality. Remember diving is an equipment intensive sport so it is vital that you see it and try it on).
  2. What certification will I receive? (Is it recognised by WRSTC)
  3. Do you use dive computers as standard gear? (Extra Safety)
  4. What are my Instructors qualifications? (Ask to see their qualification card)
  5. Do you have access to a pool? (For it is safer to start learning in)

At Oceans5 we take a maximum of 12 divers on our boat.  We use only the best Hollis Brand Dive Gear and dive computers are given to every diver for every dive. Our dive equipment is kept onsite, meaning you can inspect and try it on for perfect size and fit. After deciding on your personal dive equipment it will be stored away ready for your diving experience. Oceans5 is the only Dive Center in Nha Trang with an onsite swimming pool, which allows us as much time as needed for our pool sessions, if we run out of time today or if you need extra time to master some of the finer points of diving, no problem, we have 24hr access to our pool. Oceans5 staff are among the most experienced dive leaders in Vietnam and can issue SSI certifications for all levels of diving.

Yes. Not Nitrox certified? No worries, we run daily Nitrox upgrades (only $99), for anyone wanting to experience the difference and become part of the real diving world.

The generally accepted first level of professional scuba diving is Dive Master. There is more than one way to attain this level. However if you do wish to gain employment in the future you should do an Internship. This will enable you to gain experience working as a diver and you will become more employable afterwards. Oceans 5 always likes to be ahead of the pack so our Internships go one step further. We offer SSI Dive Control Specialist Internships (Assistant Instructor), which is one level higher than Dive Master, and increases your future job prosperity. Click here for more information.

Yes. If you love diving and want to dive on a more permanent basis, you will eventually want to become an Instructor. This will give you even more opportunities to dive and find work anywhere around the world. We offer regular SSI Instructor courses throughout the year, and include free Marine Biology classes as part of your course. Afterwards we will offer employment to our better candidates, however we also have contacts throughout SE Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands and Europe if you wish to find a job elsewhere.

Plane, Vietnam Airways flies Saigon – Nha Trang 4 times a day about $50 one way

Bus, Saigon – Nha Trang leaves  4 times a day at about $12 one way

Train, Saigon – Nha Trang, 5 star express service 6 times a day between $10 to $25 one way

Once you’re in Nha Trang, our Oceans5 office is at 27 Le Thanh Ton Street.

Air Asia has some great prices to Vietnam and low Extra Baggage prices Click here

PADI and SSI are the two largest dive organisations in the world. Their qualifications are recognised everywhere and are mutually compatible – your SSI qualification will enable you to take the next step up in the PADI system and vice verse. This means, there’s no basic difference in the skills you will learn or the safety standards using either PADI or SSI. At Oceans5 we have dive leaders with both PADI and SSI qualifications. We have chosen to use SSI as our major certification agency as we feel the SSI system gives us more scope to tailor courses to individual needs, and in turn offer a higher level of customer service.

Check out this great website for divers click here

We can suggest many options for people to entertain themselves in Nha Trang. Here’re just a few: They could learn to dive. It only takes 3 days and we are experts at taking nervous people diving; You could book a massage and Dive Package so while your diving they can get a 2 hour massage and you wont feel so bad; Or you could find a new partner that does dive and keep the massage for yourself. We think the last option is better as you can save with our couples discount.

Oceans5 dive leaders are trained to look for the little things, anyone can find the big stuff. If you haven’t looked before you would be amazed at the multitude of marine life you are swimming right by on every dive without even knowing it was there. During our briefings before diving we like to give you a bit of an insight as to what you will see and on the way home we can give names to anything that caught your eye during the dive. We can also give you the opportunity to visit dive sites that no other company does, at the only fisherman free island in the area. This offers Oceans5 guests the highest diversity while maintaining the highest quality diving experience during their stay in Nha Trang.

If you would like to extend your diving education- this is the place for you. For anyone who has finished their entry level diving course we have a full range of Specialty courses available. If you complete our 3 speciality package you will be a complete diver being able to reach the recreational dive limit of 40metre’s, significantly extend your bottom time, and dive safer.

After completing these courses it is almost guaranteed you will be hooked, your next step from there is dive guide, dive master, dive control specialist and instructor. Have a look at our complete course and price list.

Oceans5 tanks are tested and checked on an annual basis to maintain the highest quality air supply, why would you bring your own? If however you are a dive professional and decide to bring your own gear over to Vietnam (Regs, BCD, Mask and Fins), we offer massive discounts. Check out our dive pro page now.

Whether you’re staying on a short or long term basis Asia in general is one of the cheapest areas in the world to visit. Vietnam is also one of the least expensive places in Asia. Compared to our nearest neighbors such as Thailand, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. Vietnam will give you more bang for your buck.

Accomodation in Nha Trang is very cheap with rooms and appartments going for $100 upwards per month. You can also buy a more than substantial meal on the street for only $1. Vietnam also boasts the cheapest beer in the world (Bia Hoi) which is under 25cents. So what are you waiting for…

To book a dive course or a day trip diving with Oceans 5 you can visit our Contact Us page. Any customer that books a dive course or dive trip with Oceans 5 Dive Center online can pay when they arrive by card or cash in USD or VND. We want to make sure you’re happy with our company and comfortable with your instructor before you have to pay anything.

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Nitrox Speciality 4-6 hours


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Deep Speciality 2 Days 4 Dives


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Buoyancy Speciality 1 Day 2 Dives


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Stress & Rescue Speciality 3 Day 6 Dives


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