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Welcome to Oceans5 Dive Center Vietnam, our company is a made up of a team of experienced Instructors. We are based in Nha Trang Vietnam, less than 45 minutes from the best dive sites in Vietnam! We use the latest and best pro scuba equipment from Hollis dive gear USA, including plenty of dive computers to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe. Every diver will use a computer on every dive with us! Free! Diving in Vietnam is a must for divers of all levels and as a SSI ITC center we offer Open Water Courses all the way through to SSI Instructor and beyond. We are the only Dive Centre in Vietnam to offer side mount diving. We have SMS50 sidemounts by Hollis and we offer SSI Sidemount courses.. If you dont know sidemount diving , check this video by and if you do your welcome to dive with them...

About Us

Oceans5 - Scuba Dive Center Nha Trang Vietnam | Fun Dives and Course 

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Oceans5 Dive Centre opened in 2011 and we wanted to be diffrerent, we wanted nothing but the best dive gear not just new dive school sets but the high end pro gear. Since opening we have continued to buy top of the range equipment, ranging from Hollis SMS50's to SEADOO's, we're always buying new gear for you and for us to try out (We are Dive Junkies). For our team it is about quality rather than quantity, so you wont see 40 divers on our boat, thats for sure, we only take a maximum of 12! Smaller groups, providing you with a more personal diving experience. 


When you are diving with us our instructors will provide you with all the knowledge and assistance you need, whether that be tips on how to improve your diving, how to take and edit underwater videos and photos, or learning about marine biology, it's all a part of our customer service.

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Dive Trips

Oceans 5 - Scuba Divve Center Nha Trang Vietnam | Quality Dive Trips and CoursesAt Oceans5 we would like to help you get the most out of your diving day. We only take 12 passengers per day and keep our groups small  to give you a better diving experience. No buddy? No worries, if your travelling alone or with non divers we will find a buddy for you. Each group will also have their own dive leader to pass on our local knowledge. All of our dive trips include water, tea and coffee, breakfast and lunch, each divers will be given a dive computer to use on all dives. Check our dive schedule page for more  info.

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Learn To Dive

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"I finally took the open water course in 2005 on the Greek Island of Paros and after my first dive I was hooked. I knew from then on that I wanted to dive as much as possible... So spent the next few years diving around the globe, it doesn't matter where in the world you dive you never see the same thing twice. I started planning holidays around dive destinations that I'd heard from other divers, I didn't just have a good time underwater diving seeing different corals, fish and even sharks but had a great time on land as well. There are places that I would never have been to if it wasn't for scuba diving. I've had some breathtaking dives and made some dive buddies for life!" Mark Steenson


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Oceans 5 - Scuba Divve Center Nha Trang Vietnam | Scuba Diving SpecialtiesSpecialties are the best way to go to become a confident and experienced diver. Specialty training is designed to prepare you for a variety of different situations and conditions. New skills will be learnt to broaden your diving experience, increase your appreciation for the underwater world and make diving even more fun than it already is. You can also combine Specialties and do more than one at the same time. While we offer all SSI Specialties, we also offer the new SSI Sidemount Speciality, if you already have SSI sidemount speciality you can try out the new Hollis SMS50!


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Dive Packages

Oceans5 - Scuba Dive Center Nha Trang Vietnam | Scuba Dive PackagesOceans5 has put together some packages that we think will enhance your holidays while in Nha Trang. Each one is selected from our personal experiences to make sure the time you spend with us as memorable and as hassle free as possible. From accommodation, to relaxation or adventure packages with Easy Riders, we think we've got you covered. Simply click on the icons above for more information or hit like on our Facebook page to take advantage of our monthly specials. 

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Oceans5 Scuba Diving Nha Trang Vietnam Special Scuba Promotions

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Over the years we have seen some of the great promotional ideas from different Dive Shops while diving around the globe. When we decided to open Oceans5 Dive Center we picked the best of the best and put them all right here. As customers ourselves when we dive abroad we understand the need to save money with out risking safety, if you have your own dive gear why pay the same as people who have to rent theirs? Shouldn't you get a discount? If your a returning customer we think you should get customer rewards discount. Take a look at our other promotions to see what else you could benefit from while diving at Oceans 5.

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